Why the United States Must Stand with Israel

As a supporter of traditional American values, I am confident that the United States should stand by Israel, a steadfast ally in the Middle East. In an authoritarian and oppressive region, Israel is a beacon of democracy, freedom, and human rights. Its people share our values and our commitment to the rule of law, making it a natural partner in our shared fight against radical Islam, Iran, and other threats to our national security.

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Nature of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The recent series of violence due to Hamas aggression has highlighted the conflict’s simplicity and nature. While both sides have valid claims and aspirations to The Levant, it is clear that Israel has made numerous concessions and peace offers, while the Palestinians have repeatedly rejected these offers and engaged in terrorist acts.

In order to comprehend why Muslim nations and Palestinians have repeatedly spurned peace proposals and launched assaults against Israel, including the one that occurred on October 7, refer to the following video for a clearer understanding.

Firing Rockets and Using Human Shields

Hamas, the terrorist organization that governs Gaza, has multiple times fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, using its own people and Hospitals as human shields in order to capitalize on international sympathy.

The United States’ Unwavering Support for Israel’s Security

The US must not put pressure on Israel to make unilateral concessions or limit its military response to Hamas aggression. This would only embolden Hamas and other Israeli enemies while undermining Israel’s deterrence and sovereignty.

Instead, the US should reaffirm its unwavering support for Israel’s security and survival by providing it with the diplomatic, economic, and military assistance it requires to defend itself and its citizens.

Furthermore, the US should acknowledge the reality and legality of Israel’s presence in the disputed West Bank and East Jerusalem. Jews have historical and religious ties to these areas that cannot be ignored. The US should not condemn or oppose Israel’s settlement activity in these areas, which is not prohibited by international law. Instead, it should recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided and eternal capital and support the Abraham Accords’ efforts to normalize relations with other Arab and Muslim countries.

Combating Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment

The United States must also combat the global rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, particularly in Europe and on college campuses.

The US must condemn and combat the BDS movement, which seeks to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel based on lies and discrimination. The US must also expose and refute false narratives portraying Israel as an apartheid state, colonial occupier, or human rights violator. These narratives are based on lies and historical distortions that seek to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state.

In conclusion,

Supporting Israel is not only a matter of principle but also a matter of national security. By standing with our ally in this critical region of the world, we can promote stability, counter terrorism, combat anti-Semitism, defend human rights, and advance our shared values of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. While boots on the ground are not necessary at the moment but for supporting Israel’s security, the United States must remain vigilant in its commitment to Israel’s survival and well-being,

As former President Ronald Reagan once said:

“Israel is an oasis of democracy in a desert sea of dictatorships.”

We must continue to support this oasis of democracy as it faces challenges from its neighbors.

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